Who is SorA Power?

SorA Power, Inc. is a manufacturer of specialty electronic components and sub-systems for applications in the military and aerospace industries. SorA Power's products include radar transmitters, modulators, pulse packages, magnetic components, and high voltage capacitors. In addition, we have a full array of radio interference suppression filters designed for both power and signal designed to specific customer applications. SorA Power's reputation as an innovative and effective problem solver is well known by our customers with whom we have had relationships. Our dedication to total quality management places us in the forefront in meeting present day customer concerns with respect to quality product, effective pricing and just in time deliveries.
SorA Power takes pride in total quality management, and produces the best products possible  at the most reasonable cost. Our success is directly attributable to the extraordinary, daily effort of our people, from those who answer your call for service, to those who custom-design and manufacture your product, to those who pack your completed product and ship it to you.

The commitment of our people to excellence translates to innovative, reliable products. SorA Power believes there is neither a more committed nor a more talented group of people in the industry. From our earliest days, we have recognized that our reason for existing is to support our customers and the defense electronics systems that we support.